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For the foreign students interested in the Indian culture Rujuta has specially conceptualized an exchange program - "Life in Gurukul"

Following the “Gurukul” tradition this is a residential program in which intensive Kathak training is given.

Along with the intensive Kathak training, the students learn Indian Literature, mythology, Hindi, history of dance, philosophy, spiritual thought and dance theory.

Regular workshops are conducted in Yoga and Pranayam.

This training improves stances and energy levels. They also inculcate an awareness of the interdisciplinary approach and an understanding of the inter-relatedness of all arts and physical traditions of India.Our students are also taught to conduct lecture-demonstrations, to teach dance and to perform professionally.

This program can be organized as per your required duration and interest.

To enroll for the “Life in Gurukul” program please contact us.

Thanks! Message sent.

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