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Rajhansa - a self beyond self

Rajhansa - A Self beyond Self
In Indian mythopholosophical context, the Swan (Hansa) has hitherto been referred to as a synonym of unbiased wisdom. It is widely believed and acknowledged that the Swan has an uncanny ability to segregate the true from the false. Its graceful yet cautious stroll is a walk towards enlightenment. Our saints are often referred to as the HANSA (The Enlightened) or the PARAMHANSA (The Supremely Enlightened). Their sainthood and their indifference towards the worldly ills and pleasures are reflected in the graceful Swan which, while manoeuvring over the water surface, does not allow the water to dampen his feathers!
Kathak is an Indian Classical Dance Style which has an ancient tradition of story-tellers. These story tellers used to narrate various stories from Indian Mythology in divine temples. Following the same tradition, we are trying to explore Kathak in a new sense through unfolding a story of modern times.
Rajhansa - A Self beyond Self, is a Kathak Contemporary choreography which highlights a journey of a dancer who overcomes her insecurities and tries to reach towards transcendental self.

Portraying the same story through the vibrant form of Kathak, which has a wide range of elegant and meaningful movements and subtle yet powerful expressions. This unique Kathak ballet is enriched by using modern techniques like graphics & light design.
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