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The Rujuta Soman Cultural Academy (RSCA) was founded and managed by Rujuta to provide one platform for her various teaching engagements. Here, she trains students of all ages from different cities and countries in pure classical Kathak - in gratitude to her Guru and to carry forward her work. RSCA aims to extend the boundaries of Indian traditional dance and create a new benchmark in the aesthetics of presentation by using state-of-the-art technology and innovative dance techniques.


In the last 17 years, RSCA has and continues to impact the preservation and promotion of Kathak at the highest calibre locally, nationally and internationally. Rujuta at explores and shares the experience of dance at various levels through performances, trainings, productions, education and organizing events and lecture demonstrations by stalwarts from the related fields of Indian Classical Dance and Music.


Through RSCA, Rujuta has specially conceptualized an exchange program - “Life in Gurukul” for the foreign students interested in the Indian culture. This program is designed to expose young dancers from all over the world to the beauty and grace of Kathak as well as the discipline, the integrity and the simplicity of Indian culture that supports the dance.


The work at RSCA has always included support for the less fortunate sections of our society. Rujuta has conceptualized, choreographed and organized various charity shows in the aid of social organizations. Another interesting area of focus for RSCA is the use of Kathak as a therapy. Rujuta knows from her experience that the body and  mind work together and can heal each other. She has also used dance therapy techniques at the Seva Sadan and St. Catherine of Siena Orphanage and School, both located in Mumbai.

“Dance has enlightened me and made me free from all pains and sorrows of life. It has enhanced my inner beauty and has helped me to beautify and enlighten others as well...”


Poonam Shyam

Trishna meaning "desire" (a desire to dance...), is an Indian dance school where training in pure Classical Kathak, Bollywood and Indian Folk dance styles is given. At Trishna the transcended desires are expressed mainly with the body dynamism of Kathak - a North Indian Classical Dance style.

Gifted with an artistic flair Poonam Shyam tries to quench her "Trishna" for creation through original traditional as well as contemporary thematic dance compositions. It is an attempt to carry forward the work of her Guru Smt. Rujuta Soman.

At Trishna, Indian dance is taught harmoniously blending the traditional yet innovative dance techniques for the rhythmic synchronization of mind and body.

Presently based in Zurich, Trishna aims to preserve and promote Indian dance through performances, training, productions, education and organizing events and lecture demonstrations by stalwarts from the related fields of Dance and Music.

The objective of Trishna is to spread the pure joy of movements locally, nationally and internationally while maintaining the balance of technique and aesthetics of the graceful dimensions of Indian dance.

Aboli Abhyankar-Thatte

Aboli is born in a musical family, her first cousin being the globally acclaimed classical singer, Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar & her aunt Smt. Anjali Marathe being the recipient of the prestigious National Award for singing. Though having pursued an academic degree in commerce, she has always had an inclination towards dance, especially Kathak. She started her formal training in Kathak at the tender age of 7 under well known Kathak Exponent & Guru Mrs. Nilima Adhye.


Since last few years, she is under the valuable guidance of the renowned Kathak Exponents & Gurus Smt. Rajashree Jawdekar & Smt. Rujuta Soman. All her Gurus are the disciples of the Late Honorable Guru Pandita Rohini Bhate.

Lately, she has also begun her training under the respected Taalyogi Padmashri Pandit Suresh Talwalkar.

Sanika Deodhar

Sanika Deodhar is a senior disciple of Guru Smt. Rujuta Soman and she has been taking training of Kathak since 15 years under the guidance of her.She has completed her masters in Administration (MBA) and holds Nritya Vishard degree from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya.

She performed in various dance competitions, festivals and received several award such as, First award in national level competition organized by Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangha’s (Global Council of Art & Culture), Pune.

Recently she received "National Nritya Shiromani" award in Cuttack Mahotsav, Orrisa. She also performed nationally & internationally with her Guru namely, Pt. Uday Shankar Festival , Jaipur, Kala Ghoda Festival , Mumbai, Mrinalini Sarabhai first Choreography festival, Thrissur, Kerala, as well as Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Karnataka etc.

She also performed in a Europe tour organized by ICCR - May 2014 in Zurich, Berlin, Serbia, Austria, Montenegro, Croatia, Spain etc. She performed in Mughle Aazam - musical dance dram show directed by Firoz Abbas Khan.

Since 6-7 years she is teaching Kathak under the guidance of her guru, and helps her in spreading and promoting of Kathak.

Purva Deshpande

Purva is one of the senior disciples of Smt. Rujuta Soman and is learning kathak under her guidance for last 15 years. She is 'Nritya Visharad' from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya and currently perusing her Master's degree in Psychology. She has participated in many college events, solo competitions and has given a solo performance in 'Masik Sabha - a monthly concert'.


She has performed in many festivals with her guru all over India and abroad - 'Uaday Shankar Ballet Festival, Jaipur', 'Mrunalini Sarabhai National Choreography Festival, Trissure', 'Indian embassy, Berlin' to name a few. Her performance along with her guru was featured on for National television twice. She has been working as a dance teacher under Rujuta Soman Cultural Academy for last 7 years and also undertakes personal training.

Shivangi Mandke

Shivangi is a senior disciple of guru Smt. Rujuta Soman (disciple of Late guru Dr.Rohini Bhate). 

Born on 28th June, 1995, Shivangi has been taking lessons in kathak for last 14 years. Along with her Guru Rujuta Soman, she has also taken guidance of Taal and Laya from Pt.Suresh Talwalkar.

She has performed on various occasions with RSCA (Rujuta Soman Cultural Academy) in Delhi, Gujarat ,Mumbai, Bangalore, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Kolkata and also for ICCR (Indian  council for cultural relations)  in European countries - Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Spain, Croatia, Montenegro and Austria. 

Apart from the above, she has been actively participating in various dance competitions and events for both solo as well as group performances.  

Shivangi has completed her B. A. from Sir Parshurambhau College, Pune (2013-2015); and is Masters in Sanskrit from Pune University. She has also worked with RSCA as a dance teacher for last 6 years.

Manasi Limaye

Manasi is a senior disciple of Guru Rujuta Soman. She has been learning kathak since last 17 years and has completed Visharad in Kathak. She has also completed M. Com. and currently works as Marketing professional in an Educational Institute in Pune.

She has performed in various festivals like Uday Shankar ballet festival, Jaipur, Kaleidoscope, Pune, Prayatna Dance Festival, Pune, Mrulanili Sarabhai Festival at Thrisur, Kerla with Guru Rujuta Soman.
She has also performed in various cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Bijapur and was a part of Europe Tour, 2014 with Guru Rujuta Soman.

 She conducts classes under Rujuta Soman Cultural Academy since last seven years at Kalyani Nagar branch, Pune.

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